United Way Task Force on Child Protection

The Dependency Court in Miami-Dade County is overwhelmed, Children are languishing in care and bi-annual federally required case reviews are not taking place.

To address the problem, United Way created a 140-member citizen work group called the Foster Care Action Project.


Legislation, Administrative Order, Incorporation and 1st Citizen Review

The outcome of the task force was to establish the work of citizen review panels and legislation was passed under Chapter 39 granting statutory authority .

Foster Care Review, Inc. was incorporated and granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS.

The first review took place in October 1989.


Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel Recommends

Foster Care Review – The Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel

on Child Welfare was a response to the crisis identified through the case of Rilya Wilson.


Independent Living Symposium

FCR holds the first local symposium on the needs of youth “aging out” of foster care.  This paves the way toward establishing specialized  Independent Living panels.


Early Childhood Reviews & ETO Database

A grant from The Children’s Trust establishes specialized panels to focus on children age 0-5 which continue to the present.

An additional grant from The Children’s Trust allows FCR to create an online database for program data and reporting.


GLBTQ Initiative

This project included a community wide symposium on the needs of GLBTQ youth in foster care, volunteer training and newsletters.


Administrative Review Project

FCR panels interview youth who have exited care in Miami-Dade County about their preparation for Independent Living and the challenges of life after care.  A report is distributed to the community and is published in a national social work magazine.


Launched Permanency Roundtable Program

The PRT Program actively works with community partners and experts to link youth to permanent families.


Moved the CRP Program to the NEW Children’s Courthouse

After more than a decade of planning, the Children’s Courthouse in downtown Miami opened it’s doors to the public and became the home of FFCR’s CRP Program.

Increased Foundation Funding
Grants from The Miami Foundation, Batchelor Foundation, Peacock Foundation, Inc., The Roblee Foundation, and others helped sustain FFCR’s program and services. 
Launched Permanent Connections Roundtable Program Innovation
With funding from The Children’s Trust Innovation Fund  
Entered into contract with Our Kids to support expansion of Permanency Roundtable Program 
Hosted 1st Annual Volunteer Summit for FFCR volunteers
Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!