Our volunteers are at the core of FFCR’s work on behalf of abused and neglected children. In honor of National Volunteer Week (April 15-21), throughout April, FFCR showed our appreciation for the more than 75 FFCR volunteers who dedicate at least one day per month to ensuring the safety and stability of children in foster care. Last year, FFCR’s Citizen Review Panel volunteers donated over 3,500 hours worth $264,463. Their hard work identified and addressed 3,145 unmet needs of nearly 450 children in foster care. To celebrate FFCR hosted lunch throughout the month of April where our volunteers connected with staff and FFCR Board Members.

As a volunteer based organization, Florida Foster Care Review relies on the generosity of its volunteers and community partners to serve foster children in South Florida. A big thank you to FFCR volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you!

Click here to learn more about volunteering with Florida Foster Care Review or email Marissa Leichter.

(Above) Executive Director Candice Maze with FFCR volunteers. (Top Featured Image) Left: FFCR volunteers Bonnie Webman and Michelle Shindell with Review Specialist Melissa Diaz and FFCR Board Member Chris Varca. Right: Review Specialist Yasmin Zakkout and volunteers Suzanne Meltzer and Pamela Chamberlin.

Left: Review Specialist Melissa Diaz with FFCR volunteers Janice Barefoot, Julie Thorton and Anabela Vera and FFCR Board Member Melanie Merriman. Right: FFCR volunteer Maritza Lera with Review Specialist Lynette Montañez and File Clerk Carolyn Marshall.

Left: FFCR volunteer Robert Maland and Phillip Brutus with Review Specialist Yasmin Zakkout
Right: Review Specialist Meliza Frias and volunteers Nadine Johnson and Terri Chester.

Left: Permanency Roundtable Specialist Esther Garcia-Rosenberg with Review Specialist Yasmin Zakkout and volunteers Ann Swaner, George Durham and Anne Bacall.
Right: Program Director Vanessa Muñoz with volunteer Edith Hudson, Review Specialist Meliza Frias, Permanency Roundtable Manager Kendra Copeland, Permanency Roundtable Specialist Melissa Taylor and Permanency Roundtable Outreach Coordinator Lamar Thomas.