FFCR Volunteer Spotlight: Irene Sullivan

While searching for volunteer opportunities, Irene Sullivan stumbled upon the FFCR booth at The Miami Book Fair. She explains that, “the dedication, knowledge, compassion, and commitment of the [FFCR] staff and volunteers that I observed then – and now – reinforce for me that I have made a good decision to commit my time and effort to this agency.”

A licensed clinical social worker, Irene began her career counseling at-risk youth. Although she would go on to spend the majority of her career working with adults and cancer patients, the stories and struggles of children and youth she encountered early on in her career left a lasting impression that inspired her to once again work with children.

An FFCR Citizen Review Panel (CRP) volunteer for three years, Irene participates on a monthly panel with other trained volunteers to identify the unmet needs of children in foster care and to ensure that they live with safe, stable and permanent families. Irene believes that FFCR offers a unique volunteer opportunity, allowing her to feel incredibly productive while also giving her sense of purpose. Although only required to serve one day per month, Irene consistently substitutes on multiple panels each month. Not only does she enjoy working with a diverse group of volunteers, she believes that it is the responsibility of the community to speak up for those who often do not have a voice. Irene shared, “I will continue to volunteer as long as FFCR will have me and as I am able.”

We are inspired by Irene and the many incredible FFCR volunteers who give selflessly of their time and talent to create better lives for abused and neglected children. For information on ways to get involved, please contact Marissa Leichter, Training & Engagement Manager, at 305.679.2740 or by email.