FFCR’s CRP Program Ensures 7 Siblings Receive Critical Services

The seven Jacobs* siblings were removed from their parents due to allegations of domestic violence, inadequate supervision, and their mother’s substance abuse issues. When the children’s case came before the CRP for the first time, a number of concerning issues were identified and documented in the panel’s findings and recommended orders. However, when the children’s case came back before the CRP six months later, a new case management agency was in charge, and most of the issues identified during the first review had not been addressed.

Psychiatric appointments recommended for five of the children had not yet occurred, a speech evaluation recommended by a physician more than 12 months prior had not been scheduled for one of the children, and the two teenaged youth had not been linked to a teen health specialist to provide specific reproductive health and well-being information.

FFCR scheduled the case for a Post Judicial Review Hearing before the judge to ensure that the urgent needs of the children were immediately addressed. During the two weeks between the CRP review and Post Judicial Review Hearing, the case manager organized and scheduled the required services. Now alerted to the many needs of the seven Jacobs children, the judge set the case for a status hearing to review progress with the other orders issued by the CRP and approved by the court. The CRP will continue to hold reviews of all seven children every six months to follow up on the outcome of the appointments and ensure that the children’s safety, stability, and well-being are effectively supported by the child welfare system.

*Names changed to protect privacy