Frequently Asked Questions

for Young Adults

What is a Judicial Review?

  • A court hearing required by law to be held every six months
  • Determines how you are doing by gathering information from you, your Transitioning Youth Specialist (“TYS”), other persons in your life, and by reviewing the TYS’s judicial review report and supporting documents
  • Designed to assess progress, identify unmet needs, and provide the parties and participants an opportunity to have their voice heard

What is the Citizen Review Panel (CRP) Program?

  • A Citizen Review Panel thoroughly reviews the court file and asks questions of parties and participants who partake in the hearing to gather and assess relevant information to ensure you are safe and that your needs are being met
  • The CRP provides the court, the TYS, and your attorney (if you have one) with their findings and recommendations regarding specific actions that are essential to advance your well-being and future goals
  • Judicial Reviews are referred to the CRP at the discretion of the judge
  • CRPs are authorized by Florida law to conduct Judicial Review Hearings and are administered by Florida Foster Care Review (“FFCR”), a non-profit organization
  • Each panel is comprised of five to six trained volunteers and FFCR has 12-15 panels that meet about once per month

Why is it important for you to participate in Judicial Reviews?

  • Your voice matters! We will be discussing your future plans, education, current home setting, health, and much more!
  • The panel will advocate to connect you to resources that may benefit you

How do you know when the Judicial Review will be heard?

  • Your TYS will send you an e-mail stating the date, time, and location of the hearing
  • If the notice refers to “Citizen Review Panel,” “CRP,” or “D006,” the Judicial Review is before the Citizen Review Panel (CRP)

How can you participate in the Judicial Review before the CRP?

  • Participate via a secure video conference platform
  • Dial-in to appear by phone

What are some examples of topics that the panel might cover during the hearing?

  • Community Resources and Connections
  • Mentors
  • Well-being and Mental Health
  • Education & Employment
  • Placement
  • Future Goals
  • Topics important to you
  • And more…!

Who do you call if you have any questions the day of the JR hearing?

  • If the Judicial Review is before the CRP call our CRP Program and Volunteer Coordinator, Charlet Pouchie, at (305) 684-6553
  • You may also call your TYS for any updates on your JR hearing date / time