• Ileana Albrecht

    Outreach Coordinator

    tel: 305.679.2746
    email: ialbrecht@fostercarereview.org
    Ileana Albrecht is FFCR’s Administrative & Outreach Coordinator and has been with FFCR for one year. She has seven years’ experience as an Assistant Supervisor at the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Program. Ileana later served as a Foster Parent Recruitment Guide for OurKids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Inc. At FFCR, Ileana coordinates and supports many aspects of the volunteer, CRP and PRT programs as well as the Board of Directors.



  • Candice Maze, JD

    Executive Director

  • Twila Gonzales

    Assistant Director

  • Vanessa Muñoz

    Program Director

  • Richard Pulido

    Community Relations Director

  • Marissa Leichter

    Citizen Review Panel Program Manager

  • Charlet C. Pouchie

    Citizen Review Panel & Volunteer Coordinator

  • Melissa Martínez-Esteve

    PRT Program Co-Manager

  • Kendra Copeland

    PRT Program Co-Manager


    Annaleah Krenn

    Review Specialist

  • Kristine Inyang

    Review Specialist

  • Melissa Díaz

    Review Specialist

  • Yani Sánchez

    Citizen Review Panel Specialist

  • April Jones

    Finance & Operations Administrator

  • Lyrical Hanna

    Program Assistant