Community Members Share their Time and Talent to Ensure the Safety, Stability and Well-Being of Children in Foster Care

FFCR is pleased to announce that seven new volunteers joined our Citizen Review Panel Program in July 2018 after completing an extensive screening and 25 hours of pre-service training. Ranging from an entrepreneur to a Master of Social Work student, the seven community members came together for two and half days to gain knowledge about substantive child welfare practices and policies and to develop the skills necessary to be active and impactful Citizen Review Panel volunteers. Throughout the training, our new recruits learned how to recognize and keep in check their own biases and assumptions in order to ensure a fair review process and decisions that are based on objective criteria and the facts as presented.  The training culminated with Children’s Division Judge Jason Dimitris swearing in the new volunteers who also had the opportunity to observe his courtroom in action. We are extremely grateful to all of our amazing volunteers for so generously sharing their time and talent with FFCR and the children in our community.

Another pre-service training is on deck for October 11, 18 and 23 (must attend all dates). If you are interested in volunteering with FFCR or you would like to learn more about the Citizen Review Panel Program, please contact for more information.

Summer 2018 Volunteer Pre-service class

Review Specialists Kristine Inyang and Lynnette Montanez role play as a mother and case manager, respectively, during a mock CRP review during pre-service training.

Review Specialist Lynnette Montanez explains the different types of mental health evaluations.

Review Specialist Meliza Frias discusses the most frequent special medical needs that the CRP encounters during its hearings.

Summer Volunteer Training class swearing-in and court observation with Judge Dimitris