FFCR Welcomes Jennifer Behnam to Provide Permanency Values Training

On August 22nd, FFCR welcomed Jennifer Behnam, MSW to Miami to provide a day-long Permanency Values Training for more than 30 child welfare community stakeholders. Ms. Behnam, a Casey Family Programs consultant, facilitates Permanency Values trainings nationally and has been instrumental in supporting FFCR’s development of our Permanency Roundtable Program, launched in July 2014. While in Miami, she engaged participants in an in-depth conversation about the importance and meaning of permanency for foster youth.  She helped participants explore their personal beliefs and values related to permanency for older youth in foster care and addressed many commonly held myths about permanency. Attendees were provided with information and tools needed to engage older youth who have expressed that they don’t want to be adopted. Most critically, Ms. Benham helped participants translate the lessons learned from the training into their day-to-day practice with youth in foster care. FFCR is grateful to be able to partner with Ms. Benham and Casey Family Programs in our efforts to  advance permanency for all youth in foster care through our Permanency Roundtable Program and Citizen Review Panel Program. Please click here to learn more about our work on behalf of abused and neglected children.

Over 30 child welfare professionals and volunteers attended FFCR’s Permanency Values training.

Jennifer Behnam is facilitating an exercise on the engagement of children and families.

Jennifer Behnam is explaining the goal of a Permanency Roundtable.

FFCR volunteer Ina Charles and FFCR Permanency Roundtable Specialist Melissa Taylor present their team’s ideas on permanency resources for family finding efforts.

Jennifer Behnam is explaining the goal of a Permanency Roundtable.