Fostering Connections: Education Effect

Florida Foster Care Review volunteers and staff sat down with Donnie Hale Jr., Director of FIU´s The Education Effect, to discuss the ground-breaking educational program aimed at increasing student success and academic achievement at schools in the Liberty City, Little Haiti, and Overtown neighborhoods of Miami.

As Hale explained to the group, The Education Effect was created to improve educational opportunities for children in elementary school through high school. The program serves as an extension of FIU in underserved urban communities, helping prepare students for social and economic success “to and through” college opportunities. The Education Effect focuses on four priorities: School Improvement, Supporting Student Success through Positive Pathways, Family Involvement and Community Engagement, and Strategic Partnerships.

FFCR volunteers have multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in educational and informative lectures as part of their required 10 hours annual of continued education. To learn more about becoming a CRP volunteer or our next continued education opportunity, please contact Marissa Leichter, Citizen Review Panel Program Manager, at 305.679.2740 or

Photo by: The Education Effect

Photos by: The Education Effect