The CRP in Action: Keeping Siblings Together & Reuniting Families

Siblings Chloe, Michelle, and Samantha* were removed from their mother’s care after allegations of domestic violence by their stepfather came to light. Chloe and Michelle were separated from their sister Sam and placed in the custody of different family members. Although they were settling into their new homes, the girls missed living together with their mother.

Understanding the challenges ahead, their mother became an active participant in the girls’ review hearings held before FFCR’s Citizen Review Panel. During the review hearings, the volunteer panel members interviewed the mother, case managers and other parties involved. FFCR staff and panel members learned that despite temporarily losing custody, the mother remained a strong presence in the children’s lives, even helping transport them to school and necessary appointments and paying for private tutoring.

Upon learning that the mother had obtained stable housing for herself and the children, and recognizing her compliance with her case plan tasks, FFCR asked the case manager what prevented the children from being reunited from their mother. The panel recommended that a home study is conducted to determine the suitability of the housing and assess returning the children to their mother’s care. Agreeing with the CRP members, the court issued an order for the home visit. Today, the mother and three children are on the verge of being reunited.

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy.