FFCR Facilitates a Win-Win Outcome for a Young Child in Foster Care

When she was 3 years old, Jessica* was removed from her mother, whose serious mental health challenges significantly interfered with her ability to care for her young child. Shortly after entering foster care, Jessica was diagnosed with autism, and she began receiving services to address her behavioral challenges. At that time, her father had not been located.

After three years in foster care without permanency, Jessica was referred to FFCR´s Permanency Roundtable (PRT) Program. Since entering care, Jessica´s father had been located in another state, and both parents had been provided services. The PRT team helped Jessica’s father understand her challenges, and the special services and care she required. After time, he realized that he could not adequately care for his daughter and surrendered his paternal rights. Jessica’s mother´s mental health issues impeded her ability to comply with services and effectively meet Jessica´s needs, and her parental rights were terminated. Despite the parents’ inability to care for Jessica, she remained emotionally connected to them.

Concerned about the fact that Jessica had already spent three years in foster care without permanency, the PRT team was hard at work searching for an adoptive family for Jessica who could properly handle her special needs. Although she had never expressed an interest in adopting Jessica, the team explored the possibility of adoption with Jessica´s foster parent. She had done a wonderful job helping Jessica learn adaptive behaviors and understood the importance of maintaining a connection to her biological parents. After gaining a full understanding of the adoption process, Jessica’s foster mother chose to become her adoptive mother. Now 8 years old, Jessica is thriving with her adoptive family and regularly has supervised visits with her biological parents thanks to a visitation agreement facilitated by the PRT.

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*Name and likeness have been changed to protect privacy.